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Scenic spot bulletin

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  • 03.17


    Notice for Tourist Rules of Wuzhen West Scenic Zone

    Dear Guests,

    Welcome to Wuzhen West Scenic Zone. It's our pleasure to provide you with a comfortable, safe, and enjoyable tour experience. Please pay attention to the following articles before purchasing the tickets, once purchasing the tickets is regarded that you understand and agree to the followings:


    ·  The admission tickets are only valid on the day they are purchased. Overnight visitors who wish to go in and out several times need to apply for a pass card at the Check-in Gate Office in Visitor Center.

    ·  Tickets cannot be changed or refunded once printed. Discounted tickets are only for appointed individuals and are not transferable.

    ·  Your ticket includes visiting to all museums, galleries and gardens, except MuXin Art Museum.

    ·  Museums and galleries are closed after 17:00 in winter and 17:30 in summer.

    ·  Sometimes we might close down a museum or a gallery temporarily for maintenance.

    ·  During the times when it is too crowded, please help us to keep order.

    ·  Canals in this scenic zone are deep and dangerous, so please be careful. The minors and the seniors must always be accompanied by adults.

    ·  Please cooperate with security personnel in checking handbags, parcels and articles of any kind when necessary. The checking point can be at entrance or anywhere in the scenic zone.

    ·  Our Luggage Service will transport your luggage to your Hotel/Guesthouse and back to Visitor Center free of charge. Please contact Luggage Service.

    ·     Large boxes and equipments must go through our Luggage Service.

    ·  There are private houses in the scenic zone. Please pay attention not to entering a private house without permission.

    ·  Please help us keep the scenic area clean.

    ·  The scenic zone is equipped with Surveillance Cameras.

    ·  Restriction might be imposed on the total number of visitors on the site.


    Forbidden Articles

    ·  All kinds of inflammable or explosives.

    ·  Chewing gum.

    ·  Loudspeakers used by tour guides.

    ·  Balance car or electric scooter.

    ·  Pets(except the service animals)

    ·  Aerial photography and remote control equipment and similar models(including any forms) without proper permission.

    ·  Swimming, fishing and picking flowers.

    ·  Display of any flags, banners & emblems of any kind without permission.

    ·  All forms of commercial photography and filming (digital/analogue) without proper permission. If having such requirements, you must apply for it to Scenic Management Department in advance (We advise you to consult with Scenic Management Department in advance ).

    ·  Breaking in unopened attractions, museums and construction site.

    ·  Blocking fire fighting access in the scenic zone.

    ·  All behaviors of destroying and polluting environment, damaging the cultural relic and operations of related facilities, disturbing public order and visitors' relaxation.

    ·  Smoking is strictly forbidden in NO-SMOKING zones.

    ·  Smoking is only allowed in designated smoking areas.

    ·  During the times when it is too crowded, filming and photographing with tripod on the bridge and narrow place.



    For the sake of public order and tourists' safety, we may copy or record the image or sound of any person in the scenic area without advance notice.

    We reserve the right to refuse admission to those who fail to comply with our management rules, and whose behaviors are illegal, dangerous and offensive, or if such people have been already in the scenic area.

    We may sometimes change the opening hours, close museums temporarily, restrict the number of visitors, postpone or cancel activities without advance notice for the following reasons: maximum capacity of the scenic zone, terrible weather or special events; for security and order purpose; to maintain facilities, or any other circumstances as required.

    "We" mentioned in the text refer Construction Management Committee of Wuzhen International Tourism Zone and Wuzhen Tourism Co., Ltd.



    Complainte:     0573 - 8873 1234

    Guide service:  0573 - 8873 1055

    Lost and found:0573 - 8873 1066


  • 12.29


    Notice on hotel accommodation of Wuzhen Tourism Co., Ltd.

    Notice on hotel accommodation of Wuzhen Tourism Co., Ltd. (1)

    1. Discount Tickets for Accommodation:


    Enjoy the discount ticket if you live in the hotel under the banner of the company;

    Please buy it when check-in at the front desk of the service center;

    Only accommodation guests with valid certificates who have been registered;

    Offer discount tickets according to the actual number of accommodation.


    Standard of Discount Tickets for Accommodation:

    West Scenic Zone 120 yuan/per person

    East Scenic Zone 100 yuan/per person

    A combination ticket of West&East Scenic Zone 160 yuan/per person

     (other preferential policies are publicized at the window)


    Attention: If you have purchased the ticket at full price and have not checked-in, you are advised to apply for refund from the purchasing channel, and then apply for the preferential ticket at the accommodation check-in office.


    2. Notes for East & West Scenic Zone Accommodation Coupon: only purchase at the front desk when check-in. You can enter the East Scenic Zone before 15:00 the next day. Enter for only once, and the ticket would be cancelled once check-in.


    3. Registration Certificate: The resident must hold his valid certificate, and one person check in with one certificate (domestic guests: ID Card; child: ID Card or Household Registration Book; foreign guests: passport; Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan guest: the mainland passport).

    4. Residence deposit: The deposit should be paid at the time of check-in. The deposit would be refunded if there is no damage or other consumption.

    5. Standard Accommodation Capacity: In order to ensure the safety of visitors and the normal operation of the hotel, and to cooperate with the checking of hotel registration by the Ministry of State Security, the rooms belonging to Wuzhen Hotel are accepted according to the international standard of hotel accommodation. No extra bed service is available.


    Single Room (bed width 1.2 meters) 1 people only

    Standard Room (Double beds, width 1.2 meters) 1-2 people only

    King Size Room (width 1.5 meters or 1.8 meters) 1-2 people only

    Triple Room (three beds, width 1.2 meters) 1-3 people only

    This standard is applicable to adults over the age of 18 and minors over 1.5 meters. Guests under the age of 18 are not allowed to stay alone. The hotel's accreditation shall prevail.

    6. Youth Hostel Tips: For your safety, youth hostel beds do not accept adults aged over 50 and children under 18.


    Notice on hotel accommodation of Wuzhen Tourism Co., Ltd. (2)

    1. Free Baggage Check-in Service: Baggage Check-in at the Baggage Service Counter of the Service Center or the Front Desk/Landlord of the Hotel with the registration deposit slip.

     Note: CYTS 10 yuan / piece.

    2. Unlimited Access to West Scenic Zone: Temporary entry and exit procedures are carried out at West Scenic Zone Entry and Exit Certificate Office (West Scenic Zone ticket entrance) with room card/residence registration deposit slip and ID card, and unlimited access to West Scenic Zone (only West Scenic Zone is allowed). This procedure is valid before 12:00 on the day of departure. Only valid registered guests are available.

    3. Time Reminder of Check-in & out: To insure the check-in time is after 15:00 on the day of check-in, check-out time is before 12:00 on the day of check-out. If you postpone check-out, you should communicate with the hotel receptionist and need to pay corresponding room fee separately.

    4. Sightseeing Bus for Free: You can take the sightseeing bus in West Scenic Zone freely during the stay with the registration deposit slip/guest bill/room card.