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National AAAAA Tourist Attraction

Wuzhen is one of the Historical and Cultural towns, Top-10 Charming Towns and Towns with Beautiful Environment. It is known as “The Last Riverine Town in China”. In 2003, it was given the Asia-Pacific Heritage Award for Cultural Heritage Conservation by UNESCO. In 2006, it was shortlisted as a World Heritage Site by the UN and the Chinese government. In 2010, Wuzhen was rated National AAAAA Tourist Attraction, the first one in Jiaxing City. 

National AAAAA Tourist Attraction, one of the Top 10 Historical and Cultural Towns National AAAAA Tourist Attraction, one of the Top 10 Historical and Cultural Towns



Wuzhen is located in the northern part of Tongxiang City, on the west bank of the Grand Canal. It lies to the east of Huzhou and the south of Wujiang, connecting two provinces and three localities. Yaozhen Highway crosses Wuzhen and  connects provincial highways such as Yanhu Highway, national expressways 320 and 318, Shanghai-Hangzhou Expressway, Shenjiahu Expressway and Zhajiasu Expressway. Wuzhen is 13km away from the center of Tongxiang City, 27km and 45km and 60km away from Jiaxing, Huzhou and Wujiang respectively. Its distance to Hangzhou and Suzhou is 80km and it is 140km away from Shanghai. Wuzhen covers an area of 71.19km²and a built-up area of 2.5 km².


Wuzhen is located in southeastern China’s coastal area. It has a typical subtropical monsoon climate with great sunshine and rich rainfall. Wuzhen is in the Temperate Zone and has four distinctive seasons. The annual mean temperature is 16.1 Celsius with January as the coldest month (monthly mean temperature: 3.6 ℃) and July as the hottest month (monthly mean temperature: 28.1℃). The mean annual precipitation is 1233.9mm. Rainfalls are concentrated in April-May, June-July and August-September. It snows in winter.

Annual average sunshine totals 1842.3 hours. In Wuzhen, spring is 78 days long, summer 90 days long, autumn 64 days long, and winter 133 days long.

National AAAAA Tourist Attraction, one of the Top 10 Historical and Cultural Towns


Wuzhen Mode

We adopt advanced ideas and new approaches in the preservation. We have developed some effective practices such as underground pipeline, dredging, restoration and limited commercial activities. Wuzhen sets an example of ancient town preservation in China. It is highly praised by experts and our peers. The UN panel named these practices "Wuzhen Mode" on their visit.

Highlights of Wuzhen East and West Scenic Zones

Wuzhen East Scenic Zone maintains the original water town lifestyle. Workshops display many traditional crafts. You can enjoy the beautiful scenery while shopping and tasting delicious local food. Compared with Wuzhen West Scenic Zone, Wuzhen East Scenic Zone is for you to experience  the water town style in a day or two.

Renovated for four years with more than 1 billion yuan investment, the 4.92km2 West Scenic Zone is composed of twelve islands that represent original Chinese water town. In Wuzhen West Scenic Zone, we keep many buildings and streets in Ming and Qing dynasties. These buildings have ancient outer appearances but modern facilities inside. That improves local people’s lives while providing good facilities for tourists. Wuzhen West Scenic Zone is an oasis away from the hustle and bustle of the city, offering you a perfect vacation resort.