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5A-level scenic spot-Top Ten Famous Historical and Cultural Towns

Wuzhen, as one of the first batch of ten famous historical and cultural towns in China, one of the top ten charming towns in China and a town with beautiful environment in China, is known as "the last pillow water family in China". In 2023, Wuzhen Wu Village won the award of "2022 Rural Tourism Revitalization Benchmark Project" and the "National List of Preferred Projects for the Integration of Intangible Cultural Heritage and Tourism Development" in 2022. Wuzhen Scenic Spot became the only scenic spot on the list in Zhejiang Province and was successfully selected as one of the "Intangible Cultural Heritage Scenic Spots". In 2022, Wuzhen Scenic Spot was listed on the second batch of public list of national night culture and tourism consumption gathering areas.

5A-level scenic spot-Top Ten Famous Historical and Cultural Towns 5A-level scenic spot-Top Ten Famous Historical and Cultural Towns

Wuzhen Geography

Geographical position

Wuzhen is Located at the northern end of Tongxiang City, Zhejiang Province, and in the center of the rich Hangjiahu Plain. Historically, it used to be the intersected place for two provinces (Zhejiang and Jiangsu), three governments (Jiaxing, Huzhou and Suzhou) and seven counties (Tongxiang, Shimen, Xiushui, Wucheng, Gui 'an, Wujiang and Zhenze). There is a county-level highway Yao-Zhen line running through the town, and it can be connected with provincial salt lake highway, national highway 320, national 318, Shanghai-Hangzhou Expressway, Shanghai–Jiaxing–Huzhou Expressway and Zhapugang-Jiaxing-Suzhou Expressway via Yao-Zhen highway. Wuzhen is 13 kilometers away from Tongxiang city, 27 kilometers away from Jiaxing, 45 kilometers away from Huzhou and 60 kilometers away from Wujiang, 80 kilometers away from Hangzhou and Suzhou, and 140 kilometers away from Shanghai. The town’s area is 79 square kilometers, and the urban area is 2.5 square kilometers.

Climate of four seasons

Wuzhen, located in the southeast coast, has a typical subtropical monsoon climate. It is warm and humid with abundant rain and sunshine, and is characterized by cold winter and hot summer, warm spring and cool autumn, and distinct four seasons. The annual average temperature is 16.1℃. January is the coldest, with an average monthly temperature of 3.6℃. July is the hottest, with an average monthly temperature of 28.1℃. The average annual precipitation is 1233.9 mm, and there are three obvious precipitation periods throughout the year, namely April-May (spring rain), June-July (plum rain), August-September (autumn rain), and it will snow in winter.

5A-level scenic spot-Top Ten Famous Historical and Cultural Towns


Wuzhen Model

Applying advanced management concepts to the protection of ancient towns, Wuzhen has effectively explored the protection and development modes of ancient towns and accumulated successful experience. For instance, pipeline burying, river cleanout, repairing the old and controlling over-commercialization, etc., are all examples of the first or successful operation in the protection and development of ancient towns in China, which have been affirmed by experts and peers and praised by the UN expert investigation team as the "Wuzhen model" for the protection of ancient towns.

Features of East Gate and West Gate Scenic Spots

East Gate water town has a complete landscape and a rich flavor of life. Handmade workshops and traditional shops have their own features, and the featured exhibition halls are dazzling. While enjoying the original scenery of the water town, tourists can also enjoy the pleasure of traveling, shopping and food gluttony. Compared with West Gate, East Gate is small and lean, which is suitable for tourists to take a day or two to appreciate the customs of the ancient water town.

After four years of hard work and investment of over one billion yuan, West Gate Scenic Spot covers an area of 4.92 square kilometers and is composed of twelve islands surrounded by clear water, truly presenting the style of an ancient town in Jiangnan, China. The West Gate block retains a large number of ancient buildings from the Ming and Qing dynasties and old streets and alleys. The exterior of the ancient buildings retains the ancient charm, while the interior is selectively enriched with modern supporting facilities. While greatly improving the living conditions of the indigenous people, it also provides tourists with a comfortable living environment and comprehensive leisure and entertainment.  Here, you can deeply experience the simple and fresh water town life, while also enjoying the comfort and convenience of modern life. It can be said that West Gate is a tranquil oasis far from the hustle and bustle of the city, and a perfect tourist destination that combines sightseeing and vacation functions.