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Muxin Art Museum

Muxin Art Museum

Muxin Art Museum

The Muxin Art Museum is dedicated to celebrating and showcasing the lifelong work and legacy of the artist, writer, and poet Muxin (1927-2011). The Muxin Art Museum publicly showcases the entirety of the poet and artist’s past and presents itself as a space for future guidance and academic studies. Located in the artist’s hometown Wuzhen, the museum is the leading resource for learning about the impact and continued meaning of Muxin’s art.

The museum, opening to the public on November 16, 2015, was designed by Hiroshi Okamoto and Bing Lin of OLI Architecture PLLC in New York, both of whom were students of I.M. Pei. Construction by Jujiang Construction Group Co., Ltd, began in 2011 and OLI’s Fabian Servagnat, spent a year and a half working on the interior exhibition design and site supervision.

The project is sponsored by Cultural Wuzhen Co., Ltd.

The south-facing architectural structure takes on a simplistic and modern look, spanning across and reflecting into the Yuanbao Lake in Wuzhen. Slender and delicate in the scenic and tranquil corner of Xizha, the museum is a “must-see” architectural site in Wuzhen, a rising cultural destination in the recent years. The museum occupies a total area of 6,700 square meters (72,118 square feet). When presented with the design, Muxin was touched, simply expressing, “Wind, water and a bridge,” as the conception fits Muxin's lifelong efforts to achieve convergence of Western and Eastern cultures and aesthetics.

The single-artist museum displaying the art and writing of Muxin will be the first of its kind to be publicly displayed. The museum, with five permanent galleries dedicated to Muxin’s art and writing, includes painting galleries, a literature gallery, the Prison Notes gallery, and a small cinema. In the two additional galleries, the museum will showcase the work of other artists who had a significant impact on Muxin. The multi-function room will be displaying images of Muxin’s paintings in details.

About the Permanent Collection

Muxin left behind more than 600 paintings and thousands of manuscripts. Approximately 100 paintings and 50 manuscripts have been selected for the opening exhibition.

About the Special Exhibitions

Since the grand opening, Muxin Art Museum has collaborated with museums and libraries in Germany, England, America, France, and other countries to co-organize temporary exhibitions such as “Nietzsche and Muxin”, “Lin Fengmian and Muxin” in 2015, “Shakespeare and Tang Xianzu” in 2016,“In Muxin’s words: Treasures of the British Library”, “Muxin’s Prison Notes and facsimiles of his paintings in the Yale collection” in 2017,“Persian Poem Manuscripts” in 2018, “My uncle in literature: Balzac” in 2019, “Henri Michaux& Muxin”in 2020, “My Brilliant Friend: When Literature Appears on Screen” in 2021 and 2022, and “Lu Xun Coming to Wuzhen” in 2023.

About Muxin

About Muxin

Muxin (1927-2011) is a painter, writer and poet. His original name was Sun Pu. He loved painting and literature since he was a little boy. He also practiced piano and composition. He started writing when he was 12 and his essay was published in local newspaper when he was 16.

In 1982, Muxin moved to New York. Restarting painting and writing, he had published more than 30 collections of poetry and essays on both sides of the Straits. During the same period, he also continued to paint. In 2001, Yale University Art Museum held a large-scale solo exhibition for him, and toured the Chicago Art Museum, the Hawaiian Art Museum and the New York Asian Association Art Museum.

Muxin moved back to Wuzhen in 2006 with our invitation. He passed away in 2011. Wuzhen built the “Muxin Art Museum”in the same year.

Opening Time

Summer hours: 9:00-17:30; Winter hours: 9:00-17:00. Closed on Mondays.