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    Wonderful Wuzhen

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    Wonderful Wuzhen

    Wuzhen China
    SINCE 1950
      Overview Brief History Celebrities Folk Customs


      Brief History


      Folk Customs

      Overview Brief History Celebrities Folk Customs

      As one of China’s Top-10 Charming Towns and “The Last Riverine Town in China”, Wuzhen is a renown National AAAAA Tourist Attraction for its beautiful landscape and environment.Wuzhen is surrounded by Tongxiang City, the Grand Canal, Huzhou City and Wujiang County, situated at the intersection of three localities of two provinces.

      Wuzhen was established as a town 1,300 years ago and enjoys a history of civilization for more than 7,000 years. According to the archeology findings on its suburb--Tanjiawan, ancestors of Wuzhen settled on this land (once called Wudun and Wushu) 7,000 years ago. The records show Wuzhen changed its name in 1950 with the merger of two towns: Wudun and Qingdun.

      Wuzhen has been home to numerous noble figures since ancient times, including Prince Zhaoming of the Liang Dynasty (compiler of China’s earliest collection of poems more than 1,000 years) and Shen Ping (compiler of the earliest town chronicles in China).  Mao Dun, China’s first Minister of Culture of China, and Sun Muxin, a legendary overseas Chinese cultural master, were also from Wuzhen.

      There are various traditional festivals with unique historical and cultural connotations at Wuzhen. All the festivals celebrated by local residents have their own specific cultural images and festive themes, and are related to seasonal changes.

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