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Ticket Policy

Ticket Policy

Admission Ticket

Terms of Use

Tickets cannot be refunded or changed once sold. The ticket is only valid for the day it is bought and will no longer be valid after being scanned or punched. You need to show your ticket at sub-scenic spots for entrance.

Free ticket

The following visitors can enter with their valid documents.

1. National Guide (IC Card) and Team Leader Certificate issued by the National Tourism Administration;

2. Retirement certificates issued by the State Council and the Central Military Commission; 3. Disability certificate (issued by the China Disabled Persons' Federation), disabled military certificate (issued by the Chinese People's Ministry of Civil Affairs), disabled people's police card, disabled civil servant certificate, disabled state agency staff certificate, military injury due to war Disabled Personnel Card, Disabled militia civil Worker Certificate;  

Note: The above documents are valid for the Ministry of Civil Affairs of the People's Republic of China.

4. Drivers from travel agency team with A / A1 card, one driver for one vehicle;

5. Children under 1.2 meters;

With the following valid documents, visitors should go to the Consultation Office in Wuzhen West Tourist Service Center or the Guide Department in Wuzhen East Tourist Service Center for the relevant procedures:

The latest version of the press card issued by the Central News Agency;

Travel agency manager qualification certificate issued by the National Tourism Administration (with your business card);

Discount ticket (Wuzhen East 80 yuan / person, Wuzhen West 100 yuan / person, East and West combo ticket 135 yuan / person)

Please present the following valid documents before purchasing the ticket.

1. Senior citizenship certificate or ID card of seniors aged 60 or more years old;

2.Active Service Certificate Sergeant Retirement Certificate Preferential Certificate(Surviving Dependants of Martyrs, Surviving Dependants of soldiers who died on duty,Surviving Dependants of soldiers who died of illness)

Child ticket

1.2 meters - 1.5 meters, Wuzhen East 55 yuan / person, Wuzhen West 75 yuan / person, East and West combo ticket 135 yuan / person.

Student ticket

Students in full-time university or below present student ID cards. Wuzhen East 55 yuan / person, Wuzhen West 75 yuan / person, East Gate combo ticket 135 yuan / person.


Boat Ticket

Wuzhen West

(8 passengers or less)

Departure right after boarding

¥480 /boat/single way

Boat Sharing (8 passengers)

Departure after 8 passengers are boarded (half price for children shorter than 1.5m); (8 passengers)

¥480 /person/single way

Notes: each boat takes no more than 8 passengers including children.

Wuzhen East

a.A whole boat (4 passengers or less)

¥160 /boat/single way

b.A whole boat ( 4~8 passengers )

¥240 /boat/single way

Boat Sharing

Without booking a whole boat, you may need to wait in line until the boat has eight passengers. And we cannot make sure that you and your group can take the same boat. Please follow the guidance of our staff.

¥30 /person/single way

Notes: each boat takes no more than 8 passengers including children.

Boat Tour Route

  1. Tourist center (Andufang)-Ruyi Bridge (Wenchang Pavilion)

  2.  Tourist center (Andufang)-Dockside (Dragon-shaped Farmland)

  3.  Live Water Garden-Dragon-shaped Farmland

 4. West Waterside Resort-Tourist center (Andufang)

 5. West Waterside Resort-Ruyi Bridge (Wenchang Pavilion)

The boat tour is non-stop. If you need to get off during the tour, the charge remains the same.

Opening Hours

7: 30-21: 30 (Tourist center, Andufang, Dockside, Ruyi Bridge and Wujiangjun Temple)

8: 00-17: 00 (Live Water Garden, West Waterside Resort and Dragon-shaped Farmland)

Boat Tour Route

Cruise route

1. Parking lot Quay - Xinhua Bridge Quay

2. Caishen Bay Quay- Xinhua Bridge Quay

Opening Hours

8:00-17:30   (summer)

8:00-17:00   (winter)


West Scenic Zone Tourist Bus

West Scenic Area provides 24-hour tour bus service, divided into two routes, north and south, each charging 10 yuan, Accommodation guests free ride tour bus with room card or Accommodation registration form.

Driving Route

10 people per car (including children) in the southern line

13 people per car (including children) in the northern line

Please call the hotline at night for cars: 0573-88731051 (22:00-8:00)

Tour Guide