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      Dockside Boutique Hotel is located under the famous Bailian Pagoda in Xizha Scenic Zone, the north side of Qiaoliqiao Bridge, on the side of the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal, and there was the source of Hangzhou Tianmu Lake to Huzhou in the south, and from Jiangsu to Beijing in the north.

      Tongji Bridge, which was rebuilt in the tenth year of Zhengde period in the Ming Dynasty, has a couplet: Tongzhamen opens tens of thousands of bridges around Zhejiang River in the west, and the bridge inspector visits Yanjing three thousand miles north.

      The hotel was originally called Wangjingli Inn, it was a boathouse that specially receives canal water merchants. Because there is a "Xianjin Temple Ferry", the local people call it "Rockside Hotel". At dusk, and the boat merchants enter the hotel one after another, which was one of the most popular hotels in Wuzhen.

      Since 2010, Wuzhen West Scenic Zone has renovated this place and began to rebuild the Wangjinli Hotel. After two years, the hotel has become a garden style high star-level resort hotel. North to Magpie Lake and backed by the ancient Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal, the hotel takes the traditional Chinese "double-pavilion" architectural structure for the lobby. The lobby, using precious rosewood for the overall timber, columns and beams to form a bucket dome, is a "rosewood lobby" that is rarely seen in China. The hotel has a quiet environment with squatting promenade. You can have a sight view by the river just by opening the window, or walk among the ancient trees on Tea Art Street.

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