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Welcome to Wuzhen. Please help us preserve cultural relics, keep the environment clean, pay attention to fire safety and do not smoke in non-smoking area of the scenic area. 

Please take care of yourself and your belongings. Children under 18 should be accompanied by adults. Do not play with water beside the river. Do not climb over the rail. Do not exceed the capacity of boats. To protect your interests, please choose homestays and hotels that have business license. Our staff are always ready to help you. 


Tongxiang price supervision: 0573-12345; 

Tax supervision: 0573-96196

Wuzhen West Scenic Zone Residents’ Convention

Wuzhen has a history of 1300 years. It is local residents’ responsibility to protect the cultural heritage. This convention is established in order to maintain and protect the environment..

1. Residents should take the responsibility of protecting the town and stopping anyone from damaging it.

2. Residents should help each other and visitors with great hospitality.

3. Help anyone in need. Return found property.

4. Honor business integrity.

5. Protect the clean and quiet environment. Sound volume control should be implemented.

6. Abide by fire prevention rules and help with firefighting.

7. Use public facilities properly. The following behaviors are prohibited and a 100-300 yuan fine will be imposed for the following behavior:

(1) Picking flowers or fruits or hurting trees;

(2) Selling or chewing gum;

(3) Using mobile voice amplifier of any form; 

(4) Wasting or polluting water from water fountain; 

(5) Buying or selling furniture or architecture component of the town without approval;

(6) Dismantling, carving or painting on cultural relics and causing irreversible damage;

(7) Not flushing after using toilets or leaving the tap on.

8. A fine of 100-300 yuan will be imposed on the following behaviors that hinders residents’ life and damages the town’s environment. Serious misbehaviors may be handled by the police.

(1) Violating fire safety rules; 

(2) Littering, spitting or other behaviors that pollute the environment; 

(3) Creating disturbance drunk or make loud noises after 11PM;

(4) Promoting products without approval; 

(5) Street fights, quarrel or any behavior that bothers local residents and visitors; 

(6) Staying in homestays without business license or camping; 

(7) Bringing in pets without approval; 

(8) Stealing from shops or residence or other behavior that hurts the interests of shops and residents. 

9. All fine revenue will be used to build the town and community. 

10. All residents, volunteers and visitors should be implementers and enforcers. This convention is also put on record at Wuzhen government. 

All residents of the Wuzhen West Scenic Zone and visitors should obey the rules.

Fire Safety Rules

1. No smoking in non-smoking area;

2. No fire for heating or use of any flammable and explosive items in the buildings on the street;

3. No littering (including cigarette butt);

4. Turn off natural gas before leaving;

5. All renovation must be approved and use fire safety materials;

6. Without approval, coal furnace or wood fire is not allowed;

7. High-power electrical appliances are prohibited;

8. Use fire safety equipment properly and keep clear of the fire exits

Hotel Terms of Service

1. One must buy a ticket for the Wuzhen West Scenic Zone to stay in hotels in the section. If you need to enter or exit the section during your stay before you check out, you are required to get a temporary pass with your room key and ID card at the section’s tourist center. You do not need to buy new tickets.

2. Check in: after 15: 00; Check out: until 12: 00.

3. If you book a room by calling 0573-88731088, the room will be available for before 16: 00 (statutory holidays not included); If you successfully reserve accommodation in Scenic Zone  through Wuzhen Travel Reservation Web (www.ewuzhen.com), you will have to pay for the room in full. The room will be reserved before 12:00 on the day of departure.  (except for special holidays).

4. You need to show your ID card (Chinese) or passport (foreign visitors) or driver’s license when you check in at the Wuzhen West Tourist Center or at a hotel.

5. To ensure your safety and abide by relevant security regulations, the number of beds in each type of room is fixed. Extra bed service is not available. 

(1) Single room: 1.2m bed for one person; 

(2) Twin room with 1.2m bed for one or two persons; 

(3) Room with bed with 1.5m or 1.8m bed for one or two persons; 

(4) Triple standard with 1.2m beds for one to three persons. 

(5) This standard applies to guests who are 1.5m or taller. If you have any questions, please ask the reception. 

6. No pets in the scenic spot. Pet-sitting service is available at the tourist center. 

For more information, please call 0573-88731088. 

Terms of service for historical street in the west section

Dear visitors: 

Welcome to the historical street of the Wuzhen West. Please read the following terms before starting your trip. Bearers of tickets consent to the following: 

1. Tickets can only be used the day you buy them and can only be used once. If you stay at a hotel and have to enter and exit for more than one time, please apply at the tourist center at the entrance. 

2. Each visitor needs a ticket for entrance. Tickets are not refundable and the dates of the tickets cannot be changed. Any changes to tickets will result in their invalidation. 

3. Please keep your ticket since you will need them to enter public area and some venues on the street (Muxin Art Museum not included). You may need to pay extra fee for some special items. Only some venues and attractions are open for night tour. 

4. Please wait in line in the rush hours at the ticket office, entrance, bus station and wharf. 

5. There are many deep rivers in the scenic spot. Please be careful. Children and the elderly should be accompanied by responsible adults.

6. Please cooperate when security guards check your bags, luggage etc. Checking points may be set up at entrances or in the street. 

7. Please respect local residents and other tourists, do not use vulgar language or enter private residence without consent. 

8. Most of the buildings on the street are made of flammable materials like bricks and wood, so please pay attention to fire safety. 

9. Please sort your garbage according to the instructions on recycling combos or designated spots. 

The following items are not allowed in the town: 

1. Flammable, explosive and other hazardous items; 

2. Gum; 

3. Voice amplifiers (including those for tour guides); 

4. Trolley and other wheeled carrying devices (suitcase, stroller and wheelchair are allowed); 

5. Pets (service animal not included); 

6. Segway and mobility scooter. 

The following activities are prohibited:

1. Unlicensed sale and exhibition of all goods or services.

2. Swimming, fishing, skating, chasing around by rivers or other aqua activities.

3. Unapproved protest, public speaking, gathering, posting and distributing of printed materials, surveys, flags, banners or logos.

4. Photography, video, recording, aerial photography and other recording, broadcasting or streaming activities without approval. These activities involve professional video and photographic equipment, supporting equipment and non-daily costume. (If you would like to shoot wedding photos in the scenic spot, you need to first apply to administrator, sign contract and pay the fees. You need to take the photos in the areas specified in the contract. We suggest you consult our staff in advance.)

5. Taking photos using tripod or sulfide rod on bridges or on narrow streets when these places are crowded.

6. Smoking or lighting fire in non-smoking area or lighting firecrackers or sky lantern.

7. Blocking the fire engine access.

8. Breaking branches, picking flowers and fruits, hunting or catching aqua animals or plants.

9. Campfire cooking, camping or picnic.

10. Operating drone, aircraft, model airplane, boat and car in the scenic spot without approval.

11. Breaking into closed areas or areas under construction.

12. Polluting environment or damaging cultural relics.

13. Staying overnight in residences or other areas without approval.

14. Other behavior that hinders other visitors or damages the street and its facilities.The preservation of historic relics is more than architecture but the eco-system as well. To control pollution, no disposable container is provided in the scenic area. There is battery recycling box and sorting garbage combo. Please join us in protecting the beautiful ancient town. 

Statement: To maintain order and safety, we may photograph and video any visitor without their consent.

We reserve the right to prohibit people whose behavior is against the law, dangerous or rude from entering the scenic area or ask them to leave the street.

We reserve the right to change the opening hours, temporarily shut down the street or limit the number of visitors, temporarily limit or remove any tourism facilities without notice in advance for the following reasons: the number of visitors has reached the maximum capacity of the street, bad weather or special event or for security reasons or maintenance.

The historical street in this rule refers to Wuzhen West historical street. “We” refers to Wuzhen International Tourism Area Management Committee and Wuzhen Tourism Co., Ltd.

Information: 0573-88731088

Complaint: 0573-88731234

Tour guide: 0573-88731055

Lost and found: 0573-88731066