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Kind reminder

Welcome to choose Wuzhen for leisure vacation. When visiting the scenic spot, please cooperate with the scenic spot management personnel, take care of cultural relics, pay attention to hygiene, prevent a fire, and prohibit smoking in non-smoking areas;

When entering the scenic spot, please pay attention to travel safety and keep your personal belongings. Minors must be under the supervision of adults and the adults always take care of them. Do not play by the river, do not climb over railings, and do not exceed the capacity when taking a cruise ship;

To protect your legitimate rights and interests, please choose a homestay or inn with a formal business license to stay;

If you encounter difficulties, please seek help from the scenic spot management personnel timely.

Supervision hotline:

Tongxiang City Government Service: 0573-12345

Tax supervision and reporting hotline: 0573 96196


Residents Convention of West Gate Community in Wuzhen

The Wuzhen block has a history of 1300 years and is a cultural heritage with a long history. It is the duty of our descendants to spare no effort to pass on the form and protect its charm. In order to cherish our common home and uphold ethical standards, this convention is hereby formulated:

Article 1 Our responsibility is to protect the ancient town, cherish every grass, tree, brick and water, and resolutely stop any words and deeds that affect the protection of historical block.

Article 2 Carry forward harmonious and honest folk customs, promote mutual assistance and love among neighbors, be enthusiastic and hospitable, and do not ask for  additional money or property from tourists on the pretext of any help.

Article 3  Stress civilization, respect the elderly and cherish the young; return money found and act bravely.

Article 4 Honesty as the foundation, seeking profit through righteousness; fair dealing, be equally honest for both young and old.

Article 5 Advocate environmental protection, maintain a quiet and tidy environment, and control the decibels of various sound sources according to regulations.

Article 6 Attach great importance to fire protection, strictly follow the ban on fire protection in ancient towns, and is dutifully responsible for rescuing and preventing various types of fires.

Article 7 Consciously take care of various public facilities in the community, and strictly prohibit the following behaviors. Otherwise, a penalty of RMB100-300 will be imposed:

1. Privately pick various flowers and fruits to damage greening;

2. Sell and eat chewing gum;

3. Use any mobile amplifying device;

4. Waste direct drinking water and pollute the direct drinking water bucket;

5. Trade any furniture, building components, and components related to the history and culture of this ancient town without authorization;

6. Unauthorizedly demolish and destroy buildings and historical environmental components, resulting in damage and irreparable repair, as well as the act of scribbling and depicting on buildings and any plants;

7. Not wash the public restroom timely, not turn off the faucet, and other uncivilized behaviors;


Article 8: It is strictly prohibited to engage in any of the following serious negative behaviors that may have an impact on the environment and residents' lives in ancient towns. Otherwise, a penalty of RMB100-300 will be imposed. Those who constitute illegal crimes will be handed over to the community police station for punishment in accordance with the law:

1. Unauthorizedly use various types of open flames and violate the fire ban of the ancient town;

2. Litter garbage, cigarette butts fruit shells and debris, spit, defecate, pollute water, streets, and the environment;

3. Drink excessively and cause trouble, make loud noises after 11 pm and not listen to advice;

4. Conduct various commercial activities for promotion and display within the community without approval;

5. Acts that disrupt the normal living order of residents and tourists, such as fights and street abuse;

6. Unauthorizedly board any person outside the permanent population of the community and unauthorizedly camp without complying with the requirements of the public security department, which poses safety hazards to residents' lives and fire safety;

7. Bring pets into the community without permission;

8. Any act of stealing items from the merchants and residents in the community, or damaging the interests of the merchants and residents.

Article 9 All penalties shall be used for the protection of ancient towns and public welfare undertakings of the community.

Article 10: All community residents, community volunteers, and tourists are the executors and supervisors of this Convention.

This Convention shall be filed with the People's Government of Wuzhen Town, and any residents and tourists of West Gate Community in Wuzhen Town must comply with the provisions of this Convention.

Convention on Fire Protection of Ancient Towns

1. Do not smoke in non-smoking areas;

2. Do not use open flames for heating or use various flammable and explosive materials in any old street buildings such as homestays;

3. Do not litter cigarette butts;

4. Always check the kitchen gas safety valve and do not leave when the stove is ignited;

5. All decoration projects must be approved and fire safety materials must be used;

6. Do not use all kinds of coal stoves and firewood stoves without approval;

7. Do not use high-power electrical appliances;

8. Take good care of and properly keep all kinds of fire-fighting equipment, and keep the fire fighting access unblocked.

Hotel check-in instructions

1. To stay at a hotel in the West Gate Scenic Spot, you need to purchase a gate ticket to enter. If you enter and exit the West Gate Scenic Spot during your stay, you can go to the hotel/homestay front desk and apply for a temporary pass with your room card and ID card, without the need to purchase multiple tickets.

2. The hotels in Wuzhen Scenic Spot guarantees that the check-in time is after 15:00 on the day of check-in, and the check-out time is before 12:00 noon.

3. If you have successfully booked your room in the scenic spot through the reservation phone number (0573-88731088), the room will be reserved for you until 16:00 on the day of check-in (excluding special holidays); If you have successfully booked your room in the scenic spot through the Wuzhen Tourism Reservation Network (www.ewuzhen. com), you must pay the full room fee and keep your room until 12:00 pm on the day of departure (excluding special holidays).

4. All the guests staying in the hotel must show their valid certificates: ID card (domestic guest), passport (foreign guest), driver's license and other corresponding valid certificates when checking in at the front desk of West Gate Tourist Service Center or the front desk of the hotel.

5. In order to ensure the safety of tourists' accommodation and the normal operation of the hotel, and in cooperation with the verification of hotel check-in registration by the national public security network, the rooms of the Wuzhen Hotel accept guests according to the international hotel room allocation standards, and no extra bed service is provided.

● Single room (bed width: 1.2 meters, only for 1 person occupancy);

● Standard room (two beds, bed width: 1.2 meters, only for 1-2 persons);

● King bed room (bed width: 1.5 meters or 1.8 meters, only for 1-2 persons);

● Triple room (three beds, bed width: 1.2 meter, only for 1-3 persons);

● This standard is applicable to guests above 1.5 meters, subject to confirmation by the hotel's front desk.

6. Pets are prohibited from entering the Wuzhen Scenic Spot, and the West Gate Tourist Service Center can provide pet foster care services.

If you have any questions, please call the consultation hotline: 0573-88731088.

Notice on Tourist Rules for Wuzhen West Gate Historical Block

Dear tourists:

Welcome to West Gate Historical District, Wuzhen Town, Tongxiang City, Zhejiang Province! To provide you with a comfortable, safe, and enjoyable travel experience, please carefully read the notices below before purchasing the ticket. If you have purchased the ticket, you are deemed to have fully understood and committed to complying with the following terms:

● The ticket is valid for once on the same day and cannot be reused when you enter West Gate Street. If tourists staying in West Gate need to enter and exit multiple times, they should apply and complete corresponding procedures at the ticket checkpoint or scenic spot entrance and exit;

● The gate ticket is only for the use of the same person and cannot be exchanged or refunded. Once modified, it will become invalid. Discount tickets are limited to specific recipients and cannot be transferred;

● Please keep your tickets properly. With your tickets, you can visit the open places and related ticket checking venues in this historical block (excluding the Muxin Art Museum). Tickets are not used for special programs that require additional fees; for night tour, you can only visit open venues and attractions;

● When the passenger flow is large in places such as ticket buying, ticket checking, waiting for trains, waiting for ships, and visiting, please queue up in order to enter or visit;

● The river channels in the ancient town area are densely distributed and the water depth is dangerous. Please pay attention to safety, and minors and elderly people must have adult’s guardianship and be taken care of at any time;

●If the security personnel in the block deem it necessary to inspect all individuals' handbags, packages, and other items, please cooperate. The inspection location may be at the entrance or any other location in the historical block that we consider appropriate;

● Please respect residents and other tourists in the ancient town area, and do not use indecent language or enter private homes without permission;

● The historical buildings in the ancient town block are mostly brick and wood structures, please pay attention to fire prevention;

●All waste should be classified and disposed of in a garbage bin or designated location.

The following items cannot be brought into the ancient town:

● All types of flammable and explosive materials and any hazardous materials that are harmful to public safety;

● Chewing gum;

●Various types of tour guide’s speakers and amplifying equipment;

● Handcarts or any transport equipment equipped with wheels (excluding luggage, baby strollers, and wheelchairs);

● Pets (excluding animals with service purposes);

● Balanced vehicles, and electric scooters.

The following activities are prohibited:

● Sell any unauthorized items, services or exhibitions;

● Swimming, fishing, and skating in the river, playing and frolicking by the water, and other unauthorized water activities;

● Unauthorized parades or speeches, public gatherings, posting and distributing printed or other promotional materials, survey questionnaires, and displaying flags, banners, or emblems without permission;

● Unauthorized photography, videography, sound recording, aerial photography, or any form of recording, broadcasting, or transmission beyond normal tourist purposes, including but not limited to: By use of professional photography, videography equipment, and auxiliary props, take a photography on non-daily life clothing (If there is a demand for wedding photography, an application must be submitted to the scenic spot management department first. After approval, a photography agreement must be signed and relevant fees must be paid. Activities should be carried out in designated areas according to the agreement and relevant regulations. It is recommended to consult the scenic spot management department in advance);

● When the passenger flow is large, use a tripod or selfie stick to take photos on the bridge deck or narrow streets;

● Smoking in non-smoking areas, using open flames, and setting off fireworks, firecrackers, and Kong Ming lanterns in scenic spots;

● Clog or blocking the fire exits in the scenic spot;

● Climb trees, pick flowers and fruits, hunt, catch, and salvage aquatic animals and plants;

● Picnics, camping, and picnic on the ground;

● Unauthorized operation of any form of drone, aircraft, aircraft model, ship model, or vehicle model within the scenic spot;

●Forcibly entering unopened venues and construction areas;

● Behaviors that damage ecology, pollute the environment, and endanger cultural relics;

● Stay in unauthorized residential areas or areas without permission;

● Other behaviors that hinder tourists' leisure vacation, violate public order, or are harmful to the protection of this historical block or the operation of its related facilities. The protection of historical heritage is not only buildings, but also the sum of the ecological environment within a series of protected areas. In order to protect the original ecological environment of the scenic spot and refuse pollution, disposable packaging boxes, tableware, etc. are not provided in the scenic spot, and waste battery recycling bins and classified garbage bins are set up. Please join us in protecting the ancient town and cherishing nature!


Wuzhen Tourism Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "our Company" or "Wuzhen Tourism" or "Wulv") has been operating Wuzhen Scenic Area for 21 years since its establishment. With the joint efforts of thousands of Wulv people, the Wuzhen tourism brand has received many public praises and a good reputation in the industry and among the vast number of tourists. After a huge amount of manpower and material resources are invested, the following highly representative logo of Wuzhen Tourism was finally formed, and this logo has become all registered trademarks of our Company, which enjoys the exclusive right to use the trademark.

Recently, however, our Company has discovered that some organizations or individuals have used our Company's registered trademark without authorization, infringing on our Company's trademark exclusive rights. In order to protect the legitimate rights and interests of our Company and also to protect the rights and interests of consumers, our Company hereby declares as follows:

1. No unit, enterprise, or individual shall engage in the production, sale, or promotion of goods, packaging, labels, or other activities bearing the same or similar trademarks (icons) as our Company's trademark without explicit authorization.

2. No unit, enterprise or individual shall engage in production and business activities under the name of our Company or under the name of our licensee.

3. If there is any aforementioned behavior, our Company hereby urges to stop the infringement and immediately rectify it. Otherwise, once discovered, our Company will take relevant legal measures and pursue corresponding legal responsibilities.

Wuzhen Tourism Co., Ltd.

December 21, 2020