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CCO responsibilities

  • neirong.pngCCO Responsibilities

  • 1. Be active in Wucun Village, welcome guests and exchange with them, and become friends with every guest;

  • 2. Satisfy customers' reasonable needs and provide companionship-style thoughtful services;

  • 3. Plan and organize various experiential activities within the village;

  • 4. Collect guest feedback, improve and enhance service quality.

  • neirong.pngCCO Service Area

  • CCOs are present at various activity points in Wu Village!

  • neirong.pngCCO Service Content

  • CCO is the abbreviation of "Chief Cultural Officer", meaning the enthusiastic cultural creatives of Wu Village. They actively communicate and interact with guests, serving each guest in various aspects: welcoming and dropping off services, activity introductions, procedures handling, showing guests to the room, consultation and problem-solving, and interactive experiences. They are able to independently complete activity planning and plan their itinerary reasonably. They are not only able to receive various inspection groups, business meetings, and travel experiences, but also proficient in the VIP reception process, providing efficient and high-quality "butler style" services.