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Tourist suggestions

Since opening to the outside world in 2001, Wuzhen Scenic Spot has been praised by many tourists for its perfect facilities, high-level cultural taste and excellent service. The scenic spot has always attached great importance to "guest feedback" and established an effective guest advice consultation and rectification system, hoping to bring tourists better service.
Every day, the reception desk, concierge department, consultation desk, CCO, tour guide department, ticket office, Xizhao community and other departments collect visitors'opinions and suggestions on Wuzhen and scenic area management, environment, facilities and services, or on the company's theme activities, packages, etc. and any other feedback information related to scenic areas. Wuzhen Tourism Official Website also has visitors' feedback and problem solving. Answer channels, and set up questionnaires to maximize the various channels to understand tourists'concerns in the tourism. Responsible persons of various departments organize the feedback of the day's guests and submit it it daily. Every week, the company leaders will comment on the feedback of the guests and improve it step by step.