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    Zhongjing Tourism Management (Beijing)

    Zhongjing Tourism, with Mr. Chen Xianghong as its CEO, is a professional scenic spot management company with Wuzhen team as its core. It has twenty years of experience in planning, operating, branding, promoting scenic spots and towns as tourism destination.

    The company is based in Beijing and has many project branches. Managerial expertise and resources enable the company to manage and serve 5A scenic spots.The main business of the company is developing and managing scenic spots. Wuzhen and Beijing Wtown projects are well-recognized. In the next five years, the company plans to become the top supplier in this industry in China.

      Beijing Wtown

      Beijing Wtown is a vacation resort in Miyun Beijing. It is surrounded by the Simatai Great Wall and Yuanyang Lake Reservoir. Three natural villages are interegrated and constructed into a large resort, invested by CYTS, Wuzhen Tourism, Power Beijing and strategic partners.

      Renovated by Wuzhen team led by Chen Xianghong, Beijing Wtown is built on a mountain slope and demonstrates northern Chinese history and culture. It is a multi-functional resort: sightseeing, vacation resort, MICE and innovative culture. The professional services and facilities and inviting events make it a popular destination. Beijing Wtown has 430000m2 traditional Ming and Qing Dynasty architecture. There are two 5 star hotels, 6 boutique hotels, more than 400 homestays, restaurants and shops and more than 10 culture experience areas and great amenities.