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In Wuzhen, you can still enjoy the local customs, taste delicious food, relax and leave all your worries behind to take in the pure spirit of the town’s peaceful tranquility.
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An ancient temple, the Temple of General Wu, used to sit to the north of Wuzhen Theatre, along the west side of the river. An ancient ginkgo tree grew in the temple, and today, while the temple is already gone, the tree survives. The ginko is large and tall and it takes three people standing hand-in-hand to encircle it. While old, it is still vigorous and can be seen from several miles away. There is even an ancient poem praising this tree and its lasting vitality.

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Spicy Wuzhen is located in a refurbished mansion on Xizha Street with Chinese style decoration. The riverside restaurant enjoys a serene and graceful environment. It provides spicy Sichuan, hot Hunan, hot and sour Hubei, and hot and salty Jiangxi cuisine. It is also the ideal place to try Wuzhen’s own spicy fare, which is deemed “hot and fresh”. The restaurant is located at 453 Xizha Street

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Indigo is made with all natural cotton cloth, bluegrass dye, and soybeans as a sizing agent in the production process. As such, it is environmentally-friendly and easy to clean. Yuxing Fabric Store has long been famous for selling indigo cloth and products in Wuzhen.

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