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Wuzhen & Wu Village Children’s Folkgame Festival is Open Today

To create a happy summer for children, the annual Wuzhen & Wu Village Children’s Folkgame Festival is open from today until August 27, 2017. It’s an amazing choice for happy families to have a dream summer.

Different from the former ones, this year the festival moves to Wu Village which is a high-end eco-tourism holiday resort, 500 meters north of Wuzhen West Scenic Zone. In Wu Village, wherever you go, no matter the children’s attraction, village market or the pond, you will find fun or recall your colorful childhood memory.

Children’s attraction is the heaven for children. They will be indulged in the interest of slides when climb up and down, the exaltation of rock climbing when climb to the top, the surprise of making pieces together when play with Lego, the innocence of pool party when play in water, the harvest achievement when hook up a big fish, the satisfaction of baking cookies and the wonder of field when pick up vegetables.

Traditional folkgames are still available there. You can push the iron ring, kick shuttlecock, spin top, walk on stilts, loop game and many other games. We also have some intellectual games such as Chinese puzzle ring and chess games. These games are fit for adults also, which will restore the beauty of your memory and have a smile on your face whenever you recall the moment at Wu Village.

Have no knowledge of Chinese traditional folkgames? No worry, we have CCO (Chief Cultural Officer) who will tell you how to play. They accompany you and play with you.

The happy children’s folkgame festival at Wu Village will last 57 days.

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