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Piip and Tuut at Concert Be Happier in Wuzhen

Saturday & Sunday, June 24th & 25th, 2017 at 19:00 at Wuzhen Grand Theatre we will have performance Piip and Tuut at Concert from Estonia.
"Piip and Tuut at Concert" is the first performance by the Piip and Tuut Theatre. Piip and Tuut play two cleaners. The concert is about to begin, but the concert hall has not been cleaned up yet. The clown duo gives the show of a lifetime, with funny turns, laughter and hilarious pair acrobatics. The performance is appropriate for the whole family starting from age 5.
Piip and Tuut Theatre is a private theatre, formed by two actors and named by their clown characters Piip and Tuut. They have been performing together as a clown duo since 1998. Piip and Tuut Theatre is currently touring around the world, their performances have been seen in Finland, Lithuania, Latvia, Jordan, Turkey, South Korea, India, USA and many other countries, and now we will have fun with them at Wuzhen China.
Wuzhen is always a place loved by kids. Children’s Attraction is located at the bank of Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal, near White Lotus Pagoda. It has more than 10 activities areas, such as the traditional wooden horse, building blocks, puzzles, dominoes and many others. It also has modern electricity, sound, light control games for all ages of children. Meanwhile every year there is an annually festival called “Children’s Folkgame Festival”. During that time, you can play traditional folk games. If you were interested in games, take your child with you and just go to Wuzhen.

Ticket Price: RMB 260 (inclusive of one admission into Wuzhen West Scenic Zone)
Duration: 55 min.
Online Ticketing: http://www.gewara.com/drama/352745677

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