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Wuzhen Guest House

Address: Wuzhen West Scenic Zone, Wuzhen Town, Tongxiang City, Zhejiang Province, China

Front Desk: No. 137 Xizha Street/ Building 50 Guest House / Building 62 Guest House

Tel.: +86(573)8873-1088

Wuzhen Guest House

For those who would like to more deeply experience life in this water town, to step into the lives of the local people, to enjoy a holiday filled with freedom and ease, staying with the locals in Wuzhen is the best choice.

The houses of Wuzhen are scattered on both banks of the river. The stone paved streets lead to every doorstep, and every window opens onto the beauty of the river. The locals have more than 300 rooms to accommodate tourists, which consist of double twin bed rooms, king rooms, or family rooms. Each of these families decorates their abode differently, but all are filled with unmistakable regional charm.

All the rooms let out are in antique dwellings, but have been refurbished to include modern facilities. Staying in these rooms ensures a traditional experience without forgoing modern comfort.

By living in rooms rented out by the locals, you can weave yourself into the fabric of their daily lives, which have continued in the same manner for centuries. You can sit with them in the waterside pavilions drinking a bowl of porridge and chat for hours. You can play with the landlord’s puppy or listen to music under the wisteria veranda on a sunny afternoon, watching the boats glide by. After a lively day, night falls and tranquility reigns, with only the gurgling water to lull you to sleep, and so you sleep, until the next day.

Stay with the locals in Wuzhen, and dream in the water town of southern China.

Thanks to the protection and development of Wuzhen, all residences, inns and hotels in the historic Xizha District are now equipped with modern living facilities, which will enable guests to enjoy the comfort and convenience of modern life in historic dwellings. Every room is equipped with an air conditioner, water heater, telephone, cable TV, free broadband, potable tap water, private bathroom, toothbrush, toothpaste, and slippers. Bedding and towels are replaced for every guest and are cleaned and disinfected in centralized laundry facilities. Staying in a guest house allows visitors to experience not only the dream-like splendor of this area, but also the warmth of home.

Dining Facilities:
The homemade dishes in our guest houses are authentic local dishes prepared by the landlords in open kitchens. You’re free to come in, cook for yourself, have a taste, and experience the life of local residents.

All room prices include breakfast.

The guest houses are located in Xizha Scenic Area, and guests must purchase an admission ticket to enter. Guests may purchase tickets to Dongzha and Xizha Scenic Areas for 200 yuan/person, or an admission ticket to Xizha Scenic Area for 150 yuan/person.

Guests are required to present valid identification (government issued identification card, passport, driver’s license, etc.) during check-in, and are required to use rooms according to their standard accommodation capacity for the length of their stay.

Check-in time is after 15:00 on the day of booking, and the check-out time is before noon the next day.

Guests may apply for a temporary pass at the Xizha ticket office with their room card, personal identification, admission ticket personal identification and admission ticket. This pass enables guests to enter or exit Xizha freely without additional admission tickets until checking out of their hotel.

The hotel does not provide extra beds.

Xizha Scenic Area provides ample parking.

Pets are not allowed in the scenic area, but a kennel is located at the Xizha Tourist Service Center.

Parking fee:

For vehicles with fewer than 5 seats, the parking fee is 5 yuan/12 hours.

For vehicles with 6-17 seats, 10 yuan/12 hours.

For vehicles with more than 18 seats, 15 yuan/12 hours.

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