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The superior natural conditions and convenient geographical location of Wuzhen provide an ideal base for the development of culture and arts in Wuzhen. Throughout history, natives of Wuzhen have become celebrities in the fields of literature, history, and natural science, leaving behind them a great deal of cultural heritage. Wuzhen has organized art exhibitions for many local writers and painters and offers an abundance of magnificent folk arts, including Huagu Opera (literally "flower drum opera”), shadow puppet theatre, and many other art forms, all of which are well protected by the developers of Wuzhen Scenic Area. Tourists from around the world can appreciate these unique performance arts in Wuzhen for themselves.

The traditional buildings remain well preserved after the passage of many rough years. Within the town, with its dense network of rivers and wharves, people build their houses along the water and establish markets close to bridges. Stone railings and arched bridges, arched gates across the street, imposing dwellings and spacious courtyards, river banks and verandas are all well preserved, presenting an authentic representation of a water town in Jiangnan (the Southern reaches of the Yangtze River). Inside town there are now more than 40 hectares of original buildings from the late 19th century, and more than 100 ancient stone bridges of different shapes. It is just like a natural museum of ancient architecture.

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