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Folk Customs Museum

This museum is devoted to Wuzhen customs surrounding birthdays, weddings, childbirth and seasonal change as they existed in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The Hall of Attire presents apparel trends in the region from over a century ago through wax figures, photographs and authentic artifacts of clothing form that period. The integration of Eastern and Western styles on display serve as a window on the events of that time.

The Seasonal Celebration Hall portrays Chinese New Year’s visits to relatives and the festivities of the Lantern Festival as vividly as they would appear in an old painting, along with descriptions of other traditional holidays.

The Marriage Customs Hall, which is centered on a reconstructed wedding hall, employs real articles used in traditional weddings. In this hall visitors can see the newlyweds, the matchmaker, and the parents of the bride and groom along with the bridal sedan, the dowry and other articles related to the lively celebration of marriage.

The Birthday Customs Hall features artifacts related to the celebration of an elder’s birthday. In the hall special foods and articles used during the occasion are on display. These include scrolls of calligraphy, paintings, and the hangings, peaches and noodles traditionally associated with birthdays, acting as symbols of longevity and highlighting the tradition of respecting the elderly in Chinese culture.

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