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Water Market 

At the center of an extensive network of waterways, Wuzhen was once a transport hub linking all the surrounding prefectures and provinces. People living in the adjacent towns and villages used to row their boats here in the early morning to drink a cup…

Wedding Museum 

Located on the old streets of Xizha, the Wedding Museum is the first museum to display the act of marriage as it was historically conducted in this area. This hall, a two-storied complex of four entrances and four courts…

Chinese Footbinding Culture Museum 

Footbinding was a controversial custom that existed for over a thousand years. At the Museum of Footbinding in Wuzhen a comprehensive display of artifacts and photographs describe the painful pursuit of the “three-inch lotus”, a euphemism for…

Heal Town Pharmacy 

Having existed for over a thousand years, traditional Chinese medicine is a treasure of ancient Chinese culture. The pharmaceutical history of Wuzhen is equally rich as a part of that tradition. The town used to have dozens of pharmacies, among…

Yida Silk Workshop 

Renowned as “the land of silk,” Wuzhen is one of China’s most famous centers of silk production.

Huagu Opera 

The Huagu Opera, or flower drum opera, is a variety of local drama that portrays rural life through simple stories, fluid performance and lively music. As Huagu is sung using the local dialect, this form of opera is widely appreciated by the local farmers.

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