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Passage d'eau Youth Hostel
Fufeng Pavilion Bookstore 

Fufeng Pavilion Bookstore is located to the west of Zhaoming Academy. The calligraphy used to write the name of the store is that of Mr. Mu Xin

Wu Incense Room 

Wuzhen has a long history of making and burning incense, most clearly embodied by the Incense Bazaar.

Wuzhen Post Office 

The Wuzhen Post Office of was founded in the 17th year of the reign of Emperor Guangxu during the Qing Dynasty (1891).

Lantern Store 

Colored lanterns are of both practical and artistic value, a product unique to this area of China. The people of Wuzhen maintain a tradition of crossing bridges

Wenyi Shop 

Wenyi Shop is situated on the north side of the Yefang Bridge, near Wuzhen Pottery Bar and Wuzhen Grand Theatre.

Zhangzunde Pharmacy 

Zhangzundetang Pharmacy is located on the western end of Xizha Street, by the Heal town Clubhouse. It is the only drugstore in Wuzhen that sells western medicine

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