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Tong An Chinese Restaurant 

Tong An Chinese Restaurant is affiliated with Tong An Hotel, a large holiday resort. The restaurant has a seating capacity of over 500 and 13 private lounges

Tong An Water Chamber Restaurant 

Tong An Water Chamber Restaurant is located on the east side of Scenic Bridge, across from the Market on the Water. The restaurant covers an area of 140㎡ with 90 seats

Yusheng Restaurant 

Located at the entrance of Andufang, Xizha District, Yusheng Restaurant is situated in a remodeled mansion on Xizha Old Street. A wooden board inscribed with

Times of Republic of China Restaurant 

Times of Republic of China Restaurant, as its name suggests, is a theme restaurant decorated in the style of China as it appeared in the republican period from

Guest House Home Cooking 

Guest House Home Cooking refers to local homemade dishes prepared by the landlords of guest houses in Xizha. Guest houses are located in various places, some are facing the river

Zhaoming Academy Inn Mingtang Chinese Restaurant 

The restaurant mainly serves home style cuisine prepared with local fish and only the freshest ingredients. Mingtang has the capacity to serve large guest groups with

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