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Huagu Opera 

The Huagu Opera, or flower drum opera, is a variety of local drama that portrays rural life through simple stories, fluid performance and lively music. As Huagu is sung using the local dialect, this form of opera is widely appreciated by the local farmers.

Shadow Play 

Shadow play is like the cartoon of traditional Chinese culture. It tells entertaining stories by projecting characters made with sheep or cattle hide onto a white screen. Performers control the puppets with bamboo sticks, creating…

Martial Art Performance on Boat 

On permanently moored boxing boats, masters of the martial arts fight to the accompaniment of clamoring gongs and drums. Clad in kung fu suits, these warriors battle with sabers, swords and other traditional weapons for the enjoyment of spectators.

Bamboo Pole Performance on Boat 

Boat deck acrobatics is a form of recreation connected to areas that raise silk worms. It is also a form of athleticism unique to Tongxiang and Wuzhen. In the middle of a large boat stationed on the river, a huge stone mortar is laid.

Temple Fair 

Praised by Mao Dun, one of China’s most distinguished modern writers, as “the rural carnival of China,” the incense bazaar has a long history in Wuzhen. It begins every year during the Qingming Festival (around April 5th) and lasts about a fortnight.

Traditional Story-telling Theatre 

On Xizha’s West Street, next to the Grand Canal, is the Wuzhen Ballad Singing and Storytelling Theatre. Wuzhen is situated between Zhejiang, Jiangsu and Shanghai, so over the course of centuries, its people have developed a love for storytelling…

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